At History Imprint we are as passionate about those sacrifices as you are and while we offer the special service of a Remembrance Print we aim to do far more as we join with you in countries all around the world to tell the story, their story, of the men and women who served their nations during a conflict that claimed millions of lives and changed history.


We intend to make this special website a major resource for education and research as we work together to tell stories we have researched and that you offer to us so we can present first person accounts, long forgotten stories, little known places and monuments which celebrate the lives and service given by men and women from all over the globe.


I, David Bailey, have been a photojournalist for more than 30 years during which time I have researched, photographed and written stories on subjects all over the world.


In the last few years I been writing stories and taking pictures related to World War 1. It is a subject close to my heart, my relatives served their country and made their sacrifice.


I am excited about the chance to offer my work for you and together we design a personal memorial to your relatives or present a commemorative design to serve as a reminder of the service and sacrifice that was given by millions.


Please join our small team and me as we set out to tell the stories and present the history that changed the world as the globe became enveloped in a struggle, as a military conflict, for the first time, became a world war.


If you don't wish to use our service please feel free to look over our website.


I look forward, with your help, to telling our story of World War 1



David Bailey